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Partenaires du Programme ANETO The ANETO project develops its intervention in the field of Primary Education, in schools located on both sides of the border between SPAIN and FRANCE.

ANETO develops a joint action through the collaboration of the following partners:

The problem of childhood obesity and the lack of physical activity of children affects both Navarre and the Atlantic Pyrenees. Studies have shown that childhood obesity particularly affects the border area (North of Navarre). In Navarre, CEIMD has been working on this subject for years. In France, the National Education and USEP work in the promotion of physical activity in young people. There is a shared interest on this issue in our border area and a high complementarity of competences. In addition, the Atlantic Pyrenees and Navarra work in close collaboration on numerous cross-border issues, particularly in sport. This project is an opportunity to go further, relying on our complementarity to pool our capacity and develop solutions on this common problem. The identified objectives are:

Act and prevent: Sensitize the child, the school and the family about health, nutrition and physical activity. Establish a common intervention sharing our know-how.nté, la nutrition et l'activité physique. Mettre en place une intervention commune croisant les savoir-faire.

Create application tools: Create reference data to give visibility to the European plan, as well as exploitation and dissemination of the results. Propose a common method accessible to all the territories that wish to participate in this project.

Train and raise awareness: Disseminate the results of the project to other sectors. Inform and train teachers.